Panasonic Puts Up Living in HD

The best way to solicit aid and help as far as HDTV issues are concerned is to get the from people who have similar issues and have most likely resolved them. With that in mind, Panasonic takes the front seat and has unveiled a website to make it all happen.

Panasonic has stood up a new website called “Living in HD” (LiHD for short) which aims to bring users together to aid each other in dealing with issues related to working with High-Definition .

LiHD is a community for digital video, photography and HDTV enthusiasts seeking and sharing peer-to-peer knowledge to improve their digital life. LiHD is powered by people who have answers with those who have questions, and unlike sales people who tend to be biased, the LiHD community members are all about sharing and helping each other learn and grow.

Additionally, on May 1st, they will be running a contest titled the “30?30 campaign“, where every day for the next 30 days they will be giving away a digital camera or camcorder each day. So go ahead and create your account now, and maybe you’ll luck out!

(Source) Vizworld