Panasonic PT-LW80NT/LB80NT/LB75NT Projector


Panasonic Japan has recently unveiled PT-LW80NT/LB80NT/LB75NT wireless Projectors. The projectors need Pentium®III or more or full compatible processor loading (1 GHz or more recommendation) for Windows whereas for Macintosh, they need Intel Core processor loading above PowerPC G4 of 1.0 GHz or more, or 1.8 GHz. All these projectors support NTSC NTSC4.43, PAL-M, PAL60, PAL, PAL-N and SECAM. The PT-LW80NT is scheduled to be available from July 7 while PT-LB80NT and PT-LB75NT will be available from May 26.Quick Facts:

  • Electric power consumption 300 W
  • Brightness 2600 lm in PT-LW80NT, 3200 lm in PT-LB80NT and 2600 lm in PT-LB75NT
  • Contrast ratio 500:1 (all white/all black)
  • Resolution 1280 dot ?800 dots
  • Mass 2.96 Kg
  • Memory 256 MB or more (in case of Macintosh 512 MB or more recommendation)
  • Hard disk 60 MB
  • Lamp 220 W UHM lamps
  • CD-ROM drive or DVD drive it is loading
  • Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g correspondence

Via: Panasonic