Panasonic LB80NTU and LB75NTU portable projectors

If you want to make your presentations impressive without messing up with wires, here come Panasonic’s Wi-Fi enabled LB80NTU and LB75NTU portable projectors. Get rid of thick cables and connect the projectors wirelessly to display content from one or multiple PCs.

The Wi-Fi equipped computer connects to Wi-Fi capable business projectors through Wireless Manager ME 5.0 software. You can also zoom a circled portion of the screen and project thumbnails from up to 16 computers using the software. While the LB75NTU projector offers 2,600 lumens, the LB80NTU projector throws 3,200 lumens. Gapless controls, XGA resolution and Micro Cut filters prevent it from dust makes it more usable.

Weighing 6.5 pounds, both the projectors produce 29dB of noise in Eco mode. Get home the LB75NTU projector for $2,299 and LB80NTU projector for $3,299. You can save $300 if you buy these projectors without Wi-Fi capability.

Via: Digitaltrends