Panasonic Introduces A New Blu-ray Recorder HDD/DVR

Today, Panasonic introduced a new Blu-ray DVR recorder called the DIGA DMR-BF200. This device combines a Blu-ray recorder and an HDD together and the company claims that it’s the smallest DVR of its kind ever to be made. It’s measured at 65?210?194mm, weighs 2.2kg, and can be used in a horizontal or vertical position. Furthermore, the DIGA DMR-BF200 offers technical features such as a Blu-ray burner with BD-R/RE disc compatibility and 320GB HDD capacity.

However, it also has an HDMI port, an SD card slot, which allows you to watch movies from a SD card and Ethernet and YouTube connectivity are included as well. Interestingly enough, Panasonic is planning to offer a series of pattern design sheets for its “Japanese Club Panasonic” members so they can customize the look of their DVR recorder. Thus, the DIGA DMR-BF200 is due for release in Japan on November 15 for $860. Currently, there’s no information regarding international sales.