Panasonic giving away 2 3D Blu-ray movies with purchase of a new plasma 3DTV

While there is certainly a lot of hype surrounding all of the fancy new 3DTVs being released to market, some consumers are having a hard time justifying paying such a premium for such a seemingly gimmicky feature. Well, Panasonic has a new promotion that is sure to help some consumers slap down the plastic and purchase one of these new 3DTVs.

The above mentioned promotion goes as follows; buy a brand new Panasonic 3D plasma TV and the company will give you the chance to snag 2 3D Blu-ray movies free of charge (both Iace Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Coraline). Of course, the fact that the cheapest 3DTV is a $2,600 50-incher is probably going to keep this promotion only available towards the rather wealthy.

via consumerreports