Panasonic DMR-EZ47V DVD/VHS recorder and player

.Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company recently announced Panasonic DMR-EZ47V DVD/VHS recorder and player with certification from FCC. DMR-EZ47V features 1080p digital video up-conversion, HDMI 1.3 output and SD Card slots for viewing and transferring JPEG or TIFF formatted still photos.

DMR-EZ47V recorder comes equipped with Super Multi-Format recording and playback technology for compatibility with all DVD and CD formats. EZ-Sync(TM) HDAVI control is provided in the DVDs for one-touch operation of Panasonic high-definition plasma TVs and other home-entertainment components. A DVI input performs lossless transfer of camcorder videos to DVD, and resolution-doubling long-play recording. Audio System is Stereo type.

“While many of our competitors have introduced barebones units to avoid the expense of putting digital tuners in their models, we decided not to take that route,” Reggiani said. “Not incorporating any tuner at all is an excellent way to comply with the new law but in the end it’s a real disservice to consumers.”

Via: Prnewswire