Panasonic DMR-BW900 DIGA Blu-ray and DVD Recorders


Panasonic unveiled its latest Blu-Ray Player extending its lineage of DMR-BW900 at CEATEC Japan 2007. The Player will hit the markets from November 1st. Get long hours of recording with the DMR-BW900. These Recorders are easy in operation and feature great connectivity with other AV products and video intercom connected to the home network.

These DIGA Recorders are designed to integrate with full HD VIERA TVs and camcorders. What makes the Blu-Ray Recorder distinguished is that the recorders can store 5.1 channel surround sound broadcasts without deterioration in sound quality or surround effects along with the video. The DMR-BW900 comes with 1 TB HDD and comes loaded with technologies that assure real life like image reproduction.

Via: Panasonic