Panasonic DMR-BW700 Disc Player

panasonic-dmr-bw700.jpgMatsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd, popularly known as Panasonic, unveiled its DMR-BW700 Disc Player at CEATEC JAPAN, 2007 on October 2, 2007. The latest model is available in Japan from November 1, 2007 and offers world’s longest full high-definition video recording time capacity.

It is aimed at maximizing the full quality potential of BD video along with high-definition broadcasts. It is capable of storing about 18 hours of uninterrupted full HD video to a 50 GB double layer Blu-ray disc. It is also 4 times more effective than previous MPEG-02 TS recorders on DR mode in the terms of BS digital HD broadcasts.

Its 250 GB HDD is preloaded with PHL reference Chroma processor to offer high quality almost near original. It supports DTS-HD, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD audio formats. The DMR-BW700 offers expanded connectivity and support for recording and playing of video content.

Via: Panasonic