Panasonic DMP-BD70V



Finally a reason has arrived to hold onto all those VHS tapes that you have acquired and, with the arrival of Blu-Ray even your DVD collection. The DMP-BD70V from Panasonic will not only play your newly acquired Blu-Ray discs but also your DVD’s and your VHS tapes.  Not only does it play them but it upconverts them both to 1080p.  That might sound a strange thing to attempt, the upconverting of VHS but apparently the output is surprisingly good.

Of course it isn’t the same as DVD and definitely not the same as Blu-Ray but you will definitely see more from your old VHS tapes than you have before. The colors are brighter and it sharpens the edges very well. These Combo-players, along with Blu-Ray recorders have been available in Japan for sometime now, but this will be the first one to arrive in the US. It is due to ship in April and is expected to be priced at $399.00