Panasonic DIGA 3D Blu-ray Recorders

Panasonic-DIGA-DMR-BWT3000-DMR-BWT2000-and-DMR-BWT1000-3D-Blu-ray-Recorders Panasonic has launched three new 3D enabled Blu-ray recorders in Japan. All the three recorders, DIGA DMR-BWT3000, DMR-BWT2000 and DMR-BWT1000 come equipped with dual digital tuner and internal hard drive of 2 TB, 1 TB and 750GB, respectively.

These Panasonic recorders are capable of burning recorded video to DVD-RAM, BD-R/RE and DVD-R/DL discs. Besides, they have Ethernet port, i.Link connector, VIERA Link support and a SDXC card slot that adds to their overall functionality.

All these models feature an Analog TV Tuner and 2Digital BS / 110°CS TV tuner. The only difference among the recorders is the storage sizes and the number of HDMI ports. The DMR-BWT3000 and DMR-BWT2000 has 2 HDMI ports, while the DMR-BWT1000 has just 1 HDMI port. The recorders are expected to hit the market by April.