Panasonic details, prices in-dash nav/Blu-ray player bundle


Normally, when you’re on the road, you generally have to curb your HD cravings and deal with low resolution viewing due to the normal nature of current in-car TV options. Luckily, Panasonic has recently announced their in-dash HD nav system & Blu-ray player combo to eliminate the need to lower your resolution while on long car trips.

This bunlde will include a 7-inch 720p screen with an HDMI port, iPod connector, SD card slot and a digital TV tuner along with a Profile 1.1 Blu-ray player. Add that to all of the normal features you’d except from an in-dash navigation system and you have yourself the ultimate HD in-dash setup.

Of course, this bundle won’t come cheap as the in-dash display itself costs upwards of $3,870 while the Blu-ray player is priced right around $1,050. Of course, this is all hypothetical until Panasonic gets around to released this anywhere outside of Japan.

via engadgethd