Panasonic Blu-Ray DVB DMR-BW850 Player

Panasonic offers a potential Blu-Ray player and recorder that should interest the hardcore home entertainment people looking for fine video playback for their desired videos and movies. The Panasonic Blu-Ray DVB DMR-BW850 is a high-end digital TV HD recorder that was launched in New Zealand which can play and record via the Blu-ray format. It also comes with a SD card reader which allows you to view photo content from digital cameras straight to your TV set. If that storage access option is not enough, there is also a USB memory adapter you can use. The player has an internal 500GB HDD and even has provisions for LAN access as well as interfaces that include component video out, digital audio out and S-Video. It supports most audio, photo and video file formats, providing you an array of options as far as viewing preference.

The Panasonic Blu-Ray DVB DMR-BW850 player retails for about NZ$1,999.00.

(Source) GeekZone