Panasonic 2011 HDTVs shown off in Japan

I’m sure that Panasonic had a lot of TV’s to show off at CES 2011, and I have no idea if we covered them all.

Fortunately, we have learned that the company has been showing off the 3D capable VT3, Gt3, and ST3 generation plasmas, as well as DT3 LCDs. Here’s what my Source has to say:

The feature list is predictably similar to the US models with the next iteration of 3D panel technology, including a few Japan-specific features like VOD services and recording TV to USB drives.According to AV watch it looks like the starting prices have gone down slightly YoY as well, with the new 50-inch VT3 predicted to arrive March 18 for 380,000 yen ($4,654) down from 430,000 yen ($5,267) last year. The lower end GT3 series and new DT3 3D LCDs should arrive a week earlier on March 11, though we’ll probably have to wait until much closer to launch again to find out precisely what the predictably lower US pricing will be this time around.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about these.