Panasonic 103-inch Plasma HDTV and Blu-ray Disc Player

These products unveiled by Panasonic can perhaps be tagged as the ultimate home theater showcase. Imagine a 103-inch Plasma HDTV paired with the latest Blue-ray disc player? Now that is something to have.

Now that is quite a setup to enjoy great movies with picture perfect clarity. The next thing you have to think about now is how to fit it all into a room.

And you get to enjoy the 3D experience as well. The 3D experience occurs because the left and right eyes recognize different images. Panasonic’s 3D FHD system comprises a 103-inch Plasma HDTV and a Blu-ray Disc player that plays back Blu-ray Discs onto which 3D video (consisting of left- and right-sided 1080p Full HD images) are recorded.

Plasma is currently the only TV capable of delivering a 3D Full HD experience due in great part to its ability to refresh at a speed which enables multiple image display without loss of resolution. The integration of Hollywood’s 3D content with Panasonic’s industry leading Plasma, Blu-ray and 3D FHD technologies deliver a truly immersive experience which will elevate home entertainment to a whole new level of excitement.

(Source) Panasonic