Panamax M5100-PM Home Theater Power Management System

Ensure the right flow of electricity in your home theater with this new electronic solution from Panamax. Just as water is essential to our bodies, electricity is essential to home theater components, and, just like water, is not always perfect or consistent; there are spikes, dips, and interference in electric lines just as there are changing pressure levels and periodic contamination in the water supply.

This is where the Panamax M5100-PM Home Theater Power Management System can help.


    • Clean Power Level 3 feature improves picture and sound by eliminating noise, pops, and hum across the entire AC bandwidth.
    • Three Isolated AC Outlet Banks. Isolating outlet banks from one another prevents noise contamination between components.
    • Two High Current Outlets for equipment with high power demands, such as amplifiers and powered subwoofers.
    • USB Charger connection included on front panel for mp3 players, cell phones, iPods, and other small electronics.
    • Gaming LAN Port on front panel provides easy access for game controllers.
    • Digital Volt Meter displays the voltage supplying home theater components connected to the M5100-PM power outlets.
    • A 12 Volt Trigger is provided which allows source equipment to activate or deactivate the outlets on the M5100-PM.
    • The M5100-PM protects against blown fuses and potentially damaging speaker thump by powering outlets on and off in sequence.
    • Total number of AC outlets: 11. 5 are always on, 4 standard switched outlets, 2 additional switched high current outlets.
    • AVM (Auto Voltage Monitor) protects against over/under voltage by disconnecting power and then reconnects when safe power returns.
    • Dimensions 17 in. W x 12.75 in. D x 3.5 in H, (4.1 in. Including feet), Weight 13.5 lbs.

Price: $399.00

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