Palliser Pacifico Home Theater Seats

The TheaterSeatStore has been known to house majority of the best home theater seating available in the market today. Now, they have offered another great potential home theater recliner with the Pacifico Theater Seats from Palliser Furniture Ltd.

Palliser is a familiar name in the home theater seating industry. Hence, they are not the standard furniture seating you would see in just any ordinary store. And since the TheaterSeatStore is a place where only the hardcore home theater enthusiasts would consider finding the best and elite home theater seating, there is no doubt why they were chosen by Palliser to carry their classic home theater seat recliner.

The Palliser Pacifico Home Theater Seats boasts of a 43” back which will be ideal for taller people. These seats are available in black and brown colors and are complemented by a wall hugger design and chaise style footrest.

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