Packard Bell Maestro 220 HD LCD

Maestro 220 HD LCD widescreen

Packard Bell, one of the leading technology brands in Europe, has brought for you an outstanding viewing experience with the new Packard Bell Maestro 220 HD LCD widescreen display. You would definitely love to decorate your living room with its elegant looking stylish design with Jet Black finish and Built-In Speakers that mounts in a beautiful aluminium stand. Why only living room? It can even lighten up your study room too and for that you will just have to use it as your PC monitor.

Emmanuel Fromont, Sales & Marketing Vice President of Packard Bell says, “The 22-inch market segment is booming and consumers are adopting HD content enmasse, whether its HD camcorders or Blue-Ray Discs. The Maestro 220 HD is the perfect stage on which to play HD content, whether it’s stored on the PC, the internet or an external Device.”

Striking features of the New Packard Bell Maestro 220 HD LCD widescreen display are:

  • Rich colours with Diamond View Coating
  • DVI with HDCP Support
  • DVI to HDMI Cable
  • Deep Blacks with 3000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 2MS Response Time for Gaming and Video
  • 22-Inch HD Widescreen
  • 1680×1050 HD

The New Packard Bell Maestro 220 HD LCD widescreen display is in real sense a perfect example of advanced design and technology. You can buy this LCD monitor in any of the European retail outlets. However, the price will vary according to country.

Via: Packard Bell