Packard Bell ipower X2 Desktop

Packard bell is a name seldom associated with upscale gaming rigs but now it has held high stakes in the high-end gaming market. Hoping for good results, Packard Bell has made their first-ever trial in widening their assembly line by going aboard on the production of racy gaming equipments.

“The ipower X2.0 was designed to meet the needs of all PC gamers, from pro players to league competitors and hobbyists,” said Packard Bell VP for sales and marketing Emmanuel Fromont, in a statement. “With this launch, Packard Bell extends its commitment to the world of gaming, and we hope our participation will help expand this exciting market space.”

The much- talked about ipower X2.0 features Intel Quad Core Extreme processors, high-end GPUs offering memory up to 3TB, a 21-in-01 media card reader bundled with a Blu-ray disc drive. You can enjoy power gaming along with a hybrid TV tuner and 7.1 audio support. The ipower X2.0 boasts of a black with metal trim distinctive chassis stylized in a transparent glass finish. It will be available from the year- end holidays within the range of €999 to €1,799.

Via: Press