Pace Americas debuts Next-Generation MPEG-04 Set-Top Boxes for Cable

Recently, Pace Micro Technology, the leading independent developer of digital TV technologies for the global pay TV industry has announced a new line of next-generation MPEG-04 advanced video compression set-top boxes for cable operators in South and North America.

Some of the main features of the new series of MPEG-04 set-top boxes brought out by Pace include OCAP/ tru2way support and MPEG-02 and MPEG-04 capability. Moreover, it is also advanced DSG capable with downstream channel bonding to handle next generation applications and two way messaging. This new MPEG-04 series of set-top boxes comes ready to deploy with commonly used interactive cable television applications from TVGuide, GuideWorks, TVA, Arris and Integra.

Pace Micro Technology Americas’ VP of Product Development, Bruce Gureck commented, “Available for deployment later this year, our Pace MPEG-04 family of boxes enables cable operators to effectively manage the transition from MPEG-02 to MPEG-04 originated content delivery and prepares them for the increasing demand of high-bandwidth programming and services that are experiencing rapid growth today, including HD, SDV and VOD.”

Offering cable system operators with solutions to meet their subscribers’ increasing demand, Pace’s new series of MPEG-04 set-top boxes enables operators to deliver content via SDV, ADS and a pure all-digital network. This series include Aspen – dual tuner, high definition DVR CableCARD host set-top, Apache – high definition CableCARD host set-top and Denali – standard-definition CableCARD host set-top.

Via: Press