Outlaw introduces new Subwoofer LFM-01 EX


Outlaw Audio, the leading audio equipments producer and extensively regarded by audiophiles all over the world has recently introduced an all new LFM-01 EX subwoofer. The model extends the network of the company’s doing well LFM subwoofer line by giving it extended linear bass capabilities reaching down to 16 Hz. The Subwoofer features selectable tuning options that favor either maximum SPL output, or lower frequency bass extension.

The LFM-01 Subwoofer supports a powerful 350-watt BASH power amplifier module and also has got a 12-inch long-throw woofer, and a large dual-port downfiring enclosure design. Inclusion of a classy choosable EQ circuit which enables users to choose between high-SPL or low-extension tuning modes if used in combination with the included custom port plug is an added merit. Furthermore, the rear-mounted loudspeaker section includes both line-level and speaker-level inputs, as well as speaker-level outputs. The crossover level is constantly changeable from 40 to 180 Hz, or can be bypassed completely for perfect mixing with a full-range speaker system or when used with electronics that comprise high class bass management. The Outlaw Audio LFM-01 EX is will be available to the users in the month of July wholly through the Outlaw’s website at www.outlawaudio.com at a pricing of $649.