OSTAR Compact and OSTAR Power Projection Improves LED Projection Performance

OSRAM unveils new LEDs to address the needed improvement in visualization for small projection devices up to home cinema systems. The company has unveiled the OSTAR Compact and OSTAR Power Projection, both aiming to provide better visuals as required by consumers today.

  • OSTAR Compact expands the OSRAM family of LEDs for small applications at the lower end of the performance range. It measures only 3.9 mm x 3.6 mm and is available in red, blue, green and white. These new small LEDs are cost-effective components, particularly for pico projectors for small mobile devices.
  • The OSTAR Power Projection LED brings a new dimension to projection applications delivering high performance and low thermal resistance. It can be operated at a maximum of 36A and produces light of impressive brightness.

Typical values are 2700 lm in red, 3500 lm in green and an optical output of 13 W in blue. While the dimensions of 45 mm x 25 mm seem large for a standard LED, the thermal resistance is only 0.77 K/W. This LED is suitable for all types of cooling, including water cooling.

With such new innovations, the side of LED requirements in projectors, both big and small may finally be addressed. We have seen this area placed under criticism due to poor performance but for sure, these new enhancements will put all those areas to rest to render the proper projection that should be due for consumers via their gadgets today.

(Source) Press