OSRAM Unveils Multi ChipLED for Large Video Screens

OSRAM adds a new and smaller member of their RGB Multi ChipLED line to unveil a new dimension of high-definition picture quality to large full-color video screens. The Multi ChipLED enables high-resolution full-color video screens – for example, in television studios, modern conference rooms, trade fairs and concert halls – to offer brilliant colors and high contrast from all viewing angles.

The tiny dimensions of this Multi ChipLED allow a very large number of pixels to be accommodated in a small display area. Housed in a black package that is mostly impervious to ambient light, the LED emits light in brilliant colors with excellent contrast.

OSRAM’s RGB Multi ChipLEDs are housed in a miniature package with dimensions of only 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm and measure just 0.9 mm high. With the RGB Multi ChipLED, it is possible to have a pixel spacing of only 2 mm, meaning that a great many pixels can be generated in a very small area.

Perfect color mixing takes place in the Multi ChipLED package itself thanks to the specially developed encapsulation material. Color appearance remains constant across the entire viewing angle, and the picture appears vibrant even when viewed off-axis. The beam angle of the LED is +/- 60°. Ambient light cannot ruin the picture quality because it is barely reflected at all by the black package in which the LED is housed.

(Source) Press