Orbitsound T14 Sound System on display at CES Unveiled 2011

While I was at CES Unveiled 2011 last night, I got a chance to visit the booth at Orbitsound. I had a chance to try out the Orbitsound T3 speaker, but that is another story.

I also saw the T14 soundbar which is some industry first audio technology and wireless capability. It also allows the user to experience the sweet spot from any place the user is. You got to like the high gloss black lacquer finish with six 2.5 inch full range high fidelity drivers.

The T14 has wireless network streaming, which “allows users to broadcast their music directly to the device without the need for a transmitter or wires via a remote ‘o-dock’ for iPod or iPhone. The o-dock also features an aux input for wirelessly connecting a TV, PC or laptop to the T14″.

The Orbitsound T14 will be available globally in Q3 2011, and cost $600.