Orb TV VP-01 Wi-Fi Media Streamer

Orb TV VP-01 Wi-Fi Media Streamer Orb Networks now launched the foremost Internet TV invention that allows customers to watch many online TV programs from ESPN3 and lots more by conveying it to the house television.

For contented, big screen presentation, Orb TV presently is obtainable for 99 dollars, offering a total home amusement solution that is simple to put up, and just controlled by a smart phone.

Orb TV provides customers with easy admittance to lots of films on their television, using Netflix in addition to the online TV.

It also makes it simple to torrent house videos and photographs to the television, for viewing with family. Nothing like many new Internet television solutions that are complex, luxurious or missing in the accessibility of television programs, Orb TV is easy and reasonable and does not need extra purchases. Orb TV changes any television to an Internet-connected television that is effortlessly controlled by a smart phone.