Opus3 Records Release the Global Percussion Network’s ‘Rauk’

Opus3 Records’ latest multi-channel SACD release is ‘Rauk’, by the Global Percussion Network. It’s the first SACD disc from Opus3 to have been produced specifically for the format and was recorded using Direct Stream Digital (DSD) throughout the entire signal path.

Global Percussion Network is a newly formed group – founded by Anders Еstrand, one of the musicians behind the Opus3 album ‘Live at Vattnajцkull’ recorded in Iceland in 1997 – whose work is based on the sound of the marimba and vibraphone, rather than being drum-lead “…classical music but with a lot of jazz influences – a kind of crossover album”.

Unlike previous Opus3 releases, whereby the surround channels were used largely to convey the acoustics of the recording venue, ‘Rauk’ features a “broadened stereo picture”, wherein the performers are positioned around to the sides of one’s listening space. This producer, recording engineer and the man behind Opus3 Records Jan-Eric Persson says that he “…would like to create the impression for the listener, of being almost in the middle of the ensemble. Each instrument steps out of the arrangement, clearly presenting itself although still part of the ensemble’s sound”.

Rauk’ is available now, catalogue number: CD 22011.