Opus 3 Releases Surround Sound Super Audio CD by David Wilczewski

Dave Wilczewski, a member of the group Vital Information, is highlighted on the latest Surround Sound Super Audio CD release from Opus 3 Records entitled Room In The Clouds. As with recent Opus 3 SACD releases, Room In The Clouds is a Single Inventory Hybrid Multichannel Super Audio CD with the SACD disc serving as both the SACD and CD edition of the album.

Room In The Clouds
Dave Wilczewski
Surround Sound SACD/Stereo SACD/CD Audio

(Opus 3 CD 22051)

Room In The Clouds features 12 selections that were composed and arranged by Dave Wilczewski. Vital Information drummer Steve Smith says that “Room In The Clouds is a mature and relaxed offering from a musician who is equally gifted as a player and writer. The instrumentation and conception of this group is, at times, reminiscent of the early Vital Information recordings that Dave participated in as a writer/player, but the music on Room In The Clouds unfolds slowly, the musicians clearly allowing the music to lead them from moment to moment without imposing their “playing ability” onto the music.”

The album is an original Direct Stream Sigital (DSD) recording made at Opus 3 studios in Sweden. Equipment used on the session includes the Sonoma DSD Workstation, 2 Genex GX 8500 Recorders and the EMM Labs Meitner ADC8 and DAC8 MK IV DSD converters. The album was produced by the artist and engineered by Opus 3 label owner Jan-Eric Persson and mastered by Thomas Eberger and Jan-Eric Persson at Cutting Room AB. The Hybrid Multichannel SACDs were made by Sonopress in Germany.

Listening to the SACD Surround Sound tracks of the album, one is reminded of the Vital Information material as noted earlier. Opus 3’s Jan-Eric Persson focuses attention on the front channels of the Surround Sound tracks by using the Surround channels primarily for ambient information, as is the case with most Opus 3 SACDs. You’ll enjoy the excellent sonics of the album as Persson uses this DSD recording to beautifully capture the acoustic guitar playing on track 2 (Wayne’s World – a tribute to Wayne Shorter) and the wonderful clarity of the vibes on track 3 (April Fools) and track 12 (For A Smile), among others.

Album Tracks
1. Mio
2. Wayne’s World
3. April Fools
4. Munen-Musou (Room In The Clouds)
5. Elvin Jones
6. Fun For Kofi
7. Lament To B.G.
8. Gofry In Gdansk
9. Blues For Shep
10. Way Back When
11. Speedy
12. For A Smile

Album Performers
Dave Wilczewski – Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Alto Flute
Hux Flux Nettermalm – Drums
Peter Nylander – Guitar
Magnus Persson – Vibes & Percussion
Max Schultz – Guitar
Mattias Torell – Guitar
Tobjorn Zetterbert – Bass

The Room In The Clouds Surround Sound SACD by David Wilczewski is now available for purchase from the Opus 3 Records web site in Sweden. It is also available from web sites that carry Super Audio CDs including Acoustic Sounds, CD Universe, Elusive Disc and Music Direct.