Opus 3 Releases New Blues Album in SACD Surround Sound

Opus 3 Records, the audiophile label based in Sweden that specializes in new DSD recordings, has released their latest SACD Surround Sound disc. Entitled Autum Shuffle, a new album by guitarist Peder af Ugglas features 13 songs composed and arranged by the artist. As with recent Opus 3 Records SACDs, this is a Single Inventory SACD release where the Surround Sound SACD serves as both the SACD and CD release of the album.

The Debut Album
According to Opus 3 “Autumn Shuffle is the debut album by electric and acoustic slide guitar player Peder af Ugglas. On the album, he plays piano, keyboards and electric bass. Ugglas has been working as a musician and record producer for over 10 years with many well known and famous artists in Sweden including Louise Hoffsten. The songs have an underlying feeling of the blues along with a very interesting, sensitive and soulful mixture of Rock, Jazz, Fusion and World Music.”

Album Selections
1. Harvest Song
2. Wino’s Dance
3. Autumn Shuffle
4. Central South
5. Passion
6. Last Call
7. Far Away
8. Dawn
9. I Sold My Boat
10. Stockholm
11. Passing By
12. Strife Within
13. A Hymn

Recording Information
As with earlier Opus 3 SACDs, Autumn Shuffle was recorded by label owner Jan-Eric Persson. The album’s DSD Mastering was done by Thomas Eberger and Jan-Eric Persson at Cutting Room AB with SACD Authoring by Leendert van Zanten at Polyhymnia in The Netherlands. The SACD was made by Sonopress in Germany.

The album was recorded in 4.1 sound. The .1 subwoofer channel was used but the center channel of the SACD Surround Sound track was not. The recording setup included 2 Genex GX 8500 DSD Hard Disk Recorders, the Meitner 8 Channel ADC8 Mk IV and DAC8 Mk IV 4th Generation DSD Converters from EMM Labs and the Sonoma DSD Workstation.

Autumn Shuffle is an instrumental album which features a 9 piece ensemble playing on the disc. The compositions have an interesting mix of blues, jazz and fusion elements. As you would expect from an Opus 3 SACD, the music is very well recorded with excellent detail and imaging.

Autumn Shuffle by Peder af Ugglas is now available for purchase on the Opus 3 Records web site in Sweden. It will be available from music stores and web sites in Europe and the U.S. that carry Super Audio CDs in the weeks ahead.