Opus 3 Reissues Just Like Love in Multichannel SACD

Opus 3 Records has reissued the album “Just Like Love” by Eric Bibb as a Multichannel SACD (Opus 3 CD 22002). It was previously available from Opus 3 as a Hybrid Layer Stereo SACD (Opus 3 CD 21002).

This is the second time that Opus 3 has taken an Eric Bibb SACD that was previously issued as a Stereo SACD and reissued it as a Multichannel SACD with a new catalog number. (The previous Multichannel reissued was the album “Spirit & the Blues” by Eric Bibb and Needed Time).

The reissue of Just Like Love is on a Hybrid Layer Multichannel/Stereo SACD. It features Stereo CD, Stereo SACD and Multichannel SACD versions of the music on the album and is playable on CD and SACD equipment.

According to the liner notes on the new Multichannel SACD,

“the Blumlein single-point source stereo recording technique employed since Opus 3’s inception means that the acoustic information for the rear channels, i.e. the ‘surround sound’ is available – a feature common to most existing Opus 3 masters. The center and sub-woofer channels have not been utilized on this disc.”

Eric Bibb says that

“Just Like Love takes a look into my kitchen where I spend a lot of at-home time – writing new songs and remembering early favorites like ‘Home In That Rock’. Most of the songs presented here are recent arrivals. I like to think if them as reincarnations of old soul songs. Quite a few of these sonmgs were recorded just weeks, days and even hours after landing in my notebook. I intentionally chose to share them at this early stage, prior to performance, because of my fondness for the unique energy of newborn songs. In order to capture these spontaneous moments of creativity, a collaboration was set up with my old friend Jan-Eric at Opus 3 Records, whose natural recording techniques are perfectly suited to these intimate, relaxed moments.”

Album Performers

  • Eric Bibb – Lead Vocals & Guitar
  • Christer Lyssarides – Mandolin, Mandola, Guitars & Chord Zither
  • Janne Peterson – Accordion, Piano, Kalimba & Melodica
  • Big Walker – Harmonica
  • Olle Eriksson – Double Bass
  • Bo Juhlin – Sousaphone
  • Levi B. Sanders – Banjo & Train Whistle

Album Selections
1. Wrapped Up In Her Arms
2. My Charleston Dream
3. Dear John
4. Just Like Love
5. She’s Still With Me
6. I Wanna Be Ready
7. Katri’s Kindness
8. Get It While It’s Hot
9. Home In That Rock
10. Forever Ago
11. Deep Sea Blues
12. Sail Away Ladies
13. All Your Sweetness
14. Rock Island Rocket
15. Marley’s Mood
16. That’s Why I’m Here
17. Prayin’

The new Multichannel SACD version of “Just Like Love” is now in stock and available from the Super Audio CD Shop web site in Austria. It will be available from web sites and record stores that carry Opus 3 discs in the U.S. shortly.