Optrex Expands Its TFT LCD Lineup

clip_image002Recently, Optrex America Inc., announced that it is expanding its TFT LCD lineup with new LED Backlight Systems. At present, the available LCDs of this company include sizes like, 5.7”, 6.5”, 8,4”, 9.0”, 10.4”, 12.1” and 15”. The new LCDs launched by Optrex promise to deliver a high brightness of up to 800 cd/m2 and a high contrast ratio of up to 600:1.

The new Optrex LCDs lineup is capable of providing a wide viewing angle of up to 80/ 80/ 60/ 60. These new TFT LCDs can operate at a temperature of up to 30 to 80C. These LCDs provide a long backlight life of minimum 60K hours. Unlike conventional LCDs, these LCDs don’t warm up at low temperatures.

Optrex’s new TFT LCD lineup has been particularly designed for a wide range of industrial and medical applications. These are low power consumption LCDs with higher dimming ratio. To know more about Optrex LCD lineup, visit: http://www.optrex.com/.