Optoma Releases Two New Projectors

Optoma releases two new HD projectors, the Optoma HD20 and the ThemeScene HD86, offering full 1080p HD resolutions with DLP technology. Both projectors are great options for people gearing up for a home theater setup, boasting as well of projectors that can give back value for the consumer’s money.

For instance, the Optoma HD20 is the first projector to break the ?900 barrier, yet you get 500:1 ANSI contrast, 1700 ANSI lumens and 2 x HDMI inputs.

On the other hand, for people who can afford the high-end projectors, the Optoma ThemeScene HD86 is a logical choice. It boasts of 700:1 ANSI contrast and 3 x HDMI input features that should be able to deliver the needed visualization quality people would demand for at a ?4,499 set price.

The HD20 is set to be released this July while the HD86 follows in August.

(Source) Mirror