Optoma Pico PK101, Not to Small for a Projector

In case you can’t always carry around your big screen TV with you then you should get a small projector. Maybe a smaller than small. Luckily some people at Optopma have one of those projectors custom made for your pocket. The Pico PK101 measures just 5 x 10cm and weighs 115g. It will project images from your phones or iPod of up to 100 inches can be achieved from 2.5m. The lamp will last for about 20,000 hours or 17 years but I guess that in a few years they will upgrade that poor 320×240 resolution so you’ll give this Pico up in favor for it’s successor.

The projector can be a great device if you’re traveling a lot but still want to enjoy your videos and presentations other than from a 4 inch screen. The projector costs ?249.99 which is a little high considering the bad resolution.

via pocket-link