Optoma HD803-LV DLP Projector

Get a perfect home theater experience with the new Optoma HD803-LV DLP Projector. This newly launched Optoma projector is based on HD80 with a 2000 lumens brightness capability. It has the power to highlight a perfect niche for a larger viewing. Providing you with flexible settings and less sensitivity to ambient light, this projector ensures a perfect HD performance.

The new Optoma HD803-LV DLP Projector incorporates 10-bit DNX Rich Color Processing technology to increase the number of colors from 16 million to over 1 billion by offering 4 times the color information for each and every pixel. Its TrueVivid image processing delivers high quality pictures and better 3D images.

Optoma HD803-LV DLP Projector features LAI technology so that all the low angle edges are inherent in all pixilated displays. Using the Photocatalysis technology, this new home theater projector purifies air to give the users a more comfortable environment. Its multiple input and output options allow a wide variety of source signals for an enhanced connectivity.