OpenTV PVR from Seagate Rated as the Best

With so many storage solutions available today, no one comes close to achieving such a feat other than Seagate Technologies. Already a familiar icon in the world of hard disks, Seagate delivers another product in the OpenTV PVR as one of the best PVR file systems available today.

Designed and built by OpenTV specifically for PVR use and as a component of OpenTV’s complete PVR solution, OpenTV’s Streaming File System (SFS) dictates how video, metadata and other information is written to the hard disk to optimize performance and maximize the life of the drive in the PVR set-top, reducing the likelihood of end user issues and PVR returns.

Testing was conducted by the Seagate Technology System Integration Engineering Lab using a DVR featuring a Seagate Pipeline HD hard disk, which captured the behavior of the file system during a 120-minute simultaneous dual-record and playback session of high definition video content. This test represents the high-end workload that a home theater environment can experience. The test results showed that OpenTV’s SFS delivered excellent performance at the set top box level and could also prolong the life of the hard drive in the field, potentially reducing the number of PVR and hard disk returns.

OpenTV’s PVR solution is one of the many advanced television services that OpenTV’s technology enables. It has been deployed with leading pay-TV operators worldwide bringing the PVR experience to millions of television viewers around the globe.

(Source) Press