Open Air Cinema presents 16-Foot Inflatable Movie Screen

Open Air had recently presented the CineBox Home outdoor theater system, which combined a set of a digital projector, DVD player, and a small 10-foot screen. But to make Christmas more interesting, there is a new bigger outdoor screen that measures 16-foot, and is known as “Open Air Home Screen”. According to Stuart Farmer, this it the largest screen on the market for backyard use.

In technical terms, the Open Air Home Screen measures 16ft x 9ft, and it is easy to transport because it can be deflated and therefore fits inside a small bag. Its diagonal projection surface is pretty large at 220-inches, and its weight is 20 pounds which is close to 10Kg.

Other details include a white matte, and an air blower for constant inflation.

Open Air Cinema Prices:
16-foot: $1,000
12-foot: $600
9-foot: $450