OnPlug makes sure there is no standby power drain

Different people call it by different names – we have standby power, phantom power or vampire power, but the results are still the same – juice that is drawn by various household electrical devices even when they’re supposedly turned “off”, accounting for up to 10% of a home’s energy use. Nice to know that there are folks out there who are not blind to such an environmental threat, hence the OnPlug to act as a middle man between wall outlets and devices.

OnPlug will completely shut off the power supply when the devices are not in use, and it is pretty easy on your pockets as well since it will skip all the bells and whistles of similar products. This device sports a male plug that goes into a wall socket, where a single female receptacle will receive a household device’s power cord. The presence of an on/off switch lets current flow – or not, through the OnPlug and into the device.

It really depends on which stage the switch is in, whether it is in the On position or not, while an LED on the OnPlug will alert users that it should be turned turned off. At $11 a pop, the OnPlug is clearly worth looking into if you’re one of those who want to do your part and start saving the earth.