Online Video Viewing Numbers Boost, Says Nielsen

Nielsen, the iconic company that produces the Nielsen ratings system, has announced that online video viewing has gone UP, and up pretty big too.  Fully thirteen percent more video was viewed online this year than last.  And what’s driven that boost?

The big two of the streaming jungle, YouTube and Hulu.

This really doesn’t surprise me much–with Hulu pretty much cornering the market on legit NBC content and holding stuff like Motherlover and such, and YouTube adding twenty hours of video every minute at last estimate, that people would be watching more videos online comes as about as big a surprise to me as sunrise.

People love the thought of being able to control their own video watching, with minimal censorship and content virtually on demand.  Most wouldn’t disapprove of a little unobtrusive advertising in there, either, but we like that content isn’t blocked up by commercial bursts.

The only question is, can it continue?  We’ll have to wait and see.