Onkyos TX-SR707 Receiver Previewed

I’ve always been of the mind that the TV is really the hub of a home theatre system–after all, what point to watching a movie if you can’t actually see it, and everything else simply exists to augment the TV.

But there are those who consider the receiver to be the central hub, and considering the vast array of connections these things have (I actually have one in my setup, but I seldom use it) I can see where they’d think that.  And to that end, I’ve found an item you receiver buffs will definitely want to hear about–the Onkyo TX-SR707.

It’s a 7.2 channel system, with six HDMI connection ports, 1080p processing, and can handle audio from Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Audyssey DSX, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz.  The fact that it lists for nine hundred dollars actually makes sense given the sheer amount of things this little box can do.

It’s even enough to make me reconsider my original stance that the video display is the hub of the home theatre.  Considering what these versatile little boxes can do, maybe they’re the king of the setup after all….