Onkyo X-T1CRX Stereo

.Onkyo X-T1CRX is similar to its brother X-T1X but has little differences to set it apart. Onkyo X-T1CRX is an amp-tuner, CD player and iPod player via docking station. X-T1CRX features CD tuner amplifier with utility installed capacity of 10W + 10W (6 ?, JEITA), total height harmonic wave distortion factor: 0.07% (1kHz, at the time of 1W output), amplifier section Signal-noise ratio: 80dB (DOCK/TAPE and IHF-A), Electric power consumption (electric supplies safety method technical standard) 39W, Maximum external size Width 298? height 204? depth 222mm, mass: 3.2kg and lots of input/output terminals.

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