Onkyo Unveils Entry Level HT-S3200 and HTS5200 Receivers

Onkyo has just broadened their line of audio receivers but this time geared more towards the upstart home theater enthusiasts. This time, the HT-S3200 and HTS5200 receivers are in the limelight and are good receivers to start out from.

Both systems consist of an HDMI output audio/video terminal with pass-though or 1080P video to deliver Depp Color, x.V.Color, Audyssey Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ technologies with additional optical/coaxial digital connectivity.

The 660-watt smaller sibling includes a 5.1 sound processing audio with 8-inch bass reflex subwoofer while the set-up model packs 7.1-channel audio with 1200-watt power. Additionally, it’s also better equipped with iPod docking station, Audyssey 2EQ room calibration and an 10-inch 290-watt bass unit.

“With the current economic climate, our high-value entry-level HTiB’s are doing quite well,” said Paul Wasek, Marketing Manager, Onkyo USA. “The addition of Audyssey technologies along with new DSP gaming modes and HDMI connectivity make these systems a real value for the consumer.”

Both systems include 1080p compatible HDMI connections, with HDMI Pass-Thru for optimal high definition video quality, including Deep Color and x.v.Color. For optimum sound quality, sources are connected via optical/coaxial digital connections, using a range of Dolby and DTS processing modes. There are four DSP gaming modes for rock, sports, action, and role-playing sound effects. The HT-S5200 incorporates Audyssey 2EQ™ room correction technology to automatically adjusts the sound character and time delay of each speaker relative to the listening positions, Audyssey Dynamic Volume™ which maintains optimal listening levels and dynamic range and Audyssey Dynamic EQ™ that adjusts the loudness contour on the fly to optimize sound quality for any volume, particularly at low listening levels. The HT-S3200 utilizes Audyssey Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ technologies.

The Onkyo HT-S5200 is currently available in either black or silver finishes with a suggested retail price of $599. The Onkyo HT-S3200 is available in black with a suggested retail price of $379. Both systems include speaker wires and full-function remote controls.

(Source) Press