Onkyo TX-8050 network stereo receiver

Onkyo has announced its latest TX-8050 network stereo receiver that is more than ready to enter into your home, simply because this device can’t wait to do what it is supposed to. Expect the TX-8050 to hook up to a wide range of modern and vintage music sources, bringing them straight to one of the company’s classic, low-distortion power amplifier sections.

There will be a front-panel USB port that enables direct digital connection for iPod/iPhone and other USB devices, whiel an Ethernet jack will offer streaming Internet radio or audio from computer or network sources without missing a beat. With Onkyo’s very own proprietary Universal Port, it will pave the way for Onkyo-branded peripheral iPod/iPhone docks, HD radio tuner, and future wireless options as you need not worry too much about future upgrade paths. Apart from that, the TX-8050 will also be able to support classic audio sources including the turntable, AM/FM, audio recorder, AV sources, and a CD player via analog or optical/coaxial digital connections.

Other hardware specifications of the Onkyo TX-8050 would comprise of a front-panel headphone jack, IR input/output, full-function remote control, A/B speaker outputs, and Zone 2 pre-outs. Expect to see this puppy arrive later next month for $399 a pop.

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