Onkyo PA-MC5500 THX-Ultra2 Plus Multi-channel Amplifier

PA-MC5500 Onkyo is pleased to introduce its nine-channel THX-Ultra2 Plus certified analog power amplifier, the PA-MC5500. It is a top-of-the-line amplifier that is 8-ohm rated at 150 Watts per channel and up to 400 Watts dynamic power into 3 ohms.

Enclosed in a rigid, anti-resonant chassis, the PA-MC5500 weighs 51-lb. It utilizes Onkyo’s exclusive Wide Range Amplifier Technology design philosophy that excludes low distortion, low negative feedback, extended frequency response and power supply with high instantaneous-current capability. It also uses large, custom output transistors and power supply consisting of two 22,000 µF storage capacitors and a large toroidal power transformer. Furthermore, the amplifier supports three-stage inverted Darlington circuit, balanced line-level XLR inputs for the optimal interface, multi-zone and bi-amp capability.

Scheduled to be available in September, the Onkyo PA-MC5500 Power Amplifier is priced at MRPS of $1,699.