Onkyo Offering Sweet Speaker Deal Through Vanns

So I was rummaging around the net, finding all the interesting stuff to write about as I do most every day, and today I dug up a little something interesting, if you’re looking for some new speakers to round out your audio profile–Vann’s, an electronics website of some note, is offering a deal on the Onkyo Energy RC Mini and RC Mini CC speakers.

The Energy RC Mini is currently selling for about ninety bucks a pop, whilst the Mini CC is going at a hundred and thirty bucks a crack.

This is a pretty good price on a small speaker, especially one that comes in a nice cherry bookshelf frame like these do.  I haven’t heard these myself, so I really cant tell you how they sound.  Word is that they do a pretty nice job, though, so that’s a definite mark in their favor.  There are those who’ll advise you not to buy speakers over the internet, because you don’t get the opportunity to hear the fidelity first.  Frankly, I think this advice is really rather overblown, as the only place the fidelity counts is in your own home, and there’s no way speakers you buy in a store can be heard in your home until you actually get them home.