Onkyo DV-SP405 DVD Player


Onkyo has recently introduced an all new DVD player with dazzling visual quality of high-definition video. The DV-SP405 the new DVD player from Onkyo offers an inexpensive way out for playback of today’s video and audio media. The smart DVD incorporates High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) which gives the users the ideal deliverance of video sources through one suitable connection, not only this at the same time it match the signal resolution to the users high-definition display. The DVD player also comprises of a Disc Navigator which helps the user in Browsing Video and Audio Content (Including Computer-Based Files). The player is designed in a sleek shape with dimension WxHxD: 435 x 61 x 215.5 mm and weighs about 1.9 kg. This DVD player is an ideal solution for all those who are looking at a player which can formats like MP3, WMA, WMV, MPEG-04 AAC, DivX® and JPEG. The DV-SP405 is already available in the store shelves at a pricing of $149.

Via: Onkyo