Onkyo Announces New Receivers with Pro Logic Technology

Onkyo unveils its new line of audio receivers headed by the debut of Dolby’s radical new Pro-logic 2z processing mode, which adds two front height channels to the usual 5.1 multichannel mix. The new models offer jazzed up feature sets and claim better audio fidelity than previous iterations.

  • TX-SR507
    It comes with a tempting sub-?250 price point, three HDMI inputs and Dolby Volume, which flattens out sudden level changes automatically. However, its lack of support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA will doubtless have cinephiles moving up to its sibling: the TX-SR507. This ?350 5.1 alternative offers four HDMI inputs, plus a swanky new programmable remote control.
  • TX-SR577
    Pro-Logic 2z decoding makes its debut on the ?400 TX-SR577. This also offers 7.1 channel support and four HDMI inputs. If you don’t want to festoon your living room with more speakers, you can use the extra amplification to bi-amp your stereo fronts
  • TX-SR607
    The hottest model though is likely to be the ?500 replacement for the best-selling TX-SR606, aptly named the TX-SR607. This Pro-logic 2z, hi-rez audio AV receiver sports five backside HDMI inputs, plus one front-facing HDMI and video up-conversion to HDMI out for all sources. Video clean-up is provided by Faroudja DCDi Edge silicon. The front-mounted HDMI input will be welcomed by those looking for a quick hook-up of games consoles, laptops and cameras. Both the SR507 and SR607 come with Audyssey 2EQ acoustic room correction, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ.

(Source) Home Cinema Choice