One Systems 112IM Direct Weather loudspeakers

The One Systems 112IM Direct Weather loudspeaker is a new sound reinforcement system with amazing sound output capabilities. It also boasts of better reliability, better flexibility and better articulation.

It has been tested against harsh environmental conditions like heavy rains and sea spray. It is found to be very durable and versatile. Now you won’t have to compromise with the output sound quality. It is because the materials used to construct the cabinets and bracket components of One Systems are high quality stainless steel, composites and driver protection.

The high quality indoor and outdoor sound output of the One Systems 112IM Direct Weather loudspeakers is attributed to its special unit comprising of a single 12-inch Inside Only (I/O) LF driver and a large-format HF driver coupled to a fully rotatable Equivalent Throat (E/T) high-frequency horn.

The woofer of the unit uses a unique wind in the voice coil support structure which allows high magnetic system displacement as well as increased thermal transfer facilitating reduced power compression and higher reliability of the system.

Rather than the conventional exit diameter used in many such systems, the patent-pending ET driver of the One Systems 112IM Direct Weather loudspeakers facilitates the unit’s HF radiation pattern to be controlled by the Phase plug summation plane, which accounts for the sound quality. Also the extended high frequency is insured by Titanium diaphragm and a close-spaced circumferential ring phase plug.

All these features and specifications make the One Systems 112IM Direct Weather loudspeakers unique and versatile.

Via: Press