One Sony LCD 3DTV Model Fails To Impress So Far

Though it made promises about breaking into the 3DTV market, it’s possible that Sony may not actually deliver on that claim. According to Gary Merson of HD Guru, Sony’s new KDL-55HX800 LCD 3DTV failed to make a good first impression on him. He said that the 3D effect quickly disappears if you slightly tilt your head when using this model.

Furthermore, Merson found other problems with the 3DTV set, including double-vision, color shift and relatively shallow depth. Needlessly to say, Gary was quite disappointed with the KDL-55HX800 LCD 3DTV. He stands by his previous statement at CES that LCD and OLED screens don’t succeed in giving us a true 3D experience. In his book, plasma displays still provide superior service.

However, it is important to note that the KDL-55HX800 is the lowest quality 3D set available in Sony’s product line. The model is actually a “3D ready” set that runs on a single sync transmitter instead of integrated 3D, which is offered in the LX900 series. So, it seems that Panasonic and Samsung might still have the edge in this market thus far.