OMS-SX100 Digital Entertainment System

The latest OMS-SX100 Digital Entertainment System packs incredible multimedia functions in a wafer-thin body. It integrates AMD’s low powered Athlon technology, which keeps the environment healthy and green. The unique entertainment system touts a stylishly cut design in a sleekest way that actually incorporates the latest audio and video components. The Sx100 has AMD’s 45watt Athlon low powered processor with 2 Gigabytes of DDR2 RAM along with the Nvidia video board. The advanced board gives enormous power to the system to support the many playback of 1080p HD content and to record your favorite TV shows in HD.

You can also watch, record and pause live TV content. Enjoy your multimedia love by Watching Blu-ray discs and DVDs. Listen to your favorite CDs, MP3s and other music devices. What else? You can also see photos in luxury of your room and download music online at a touch of a button. Also get simple Wireless Computing and Control, high-definition audio-video connectivity, massive storage capacity and your preferred softwares and more at a price of $1695.

Via: OkoroMedia