Omron Develops Green Backlights For LCD

Recently, Omron developed Green Backlights for LCDs. This world-renowned company designed these backlights with an aim to reduce the amount of power that is spent in the conventional backlights. With these newly developed green backlights, power will be saved by up to 33% i.e., just 39W.

Omron proudly said that it has found out that cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFL that are widely used in conventional backlights achieve maximum performance at about 50 degree temperature or even more. So, to save the power and make life easy, Omron used heat-storing resin sheets inside the backlight to make it work with maximum brightness even at low power.

The newly developed green backlights have been based on just three U-shaped CCFLs, which are actually equivalent to six conventional lamps. So, think how much power you will be saving using these innovative and power saving backlights?