Olive4 HD Hi-Fi Music Server

Olive Media Inc. has unveiled its first HD Hi-Fi music server for home theater systems, creating a totally new category with the HD category. The Olive 4HD offers listeners hardcore audio thanks to its 24-bit sound and 192 kHz sample rate which is pegged to be 250 times more than the average resolution of CDs. It comes with a control center that makes it easy for you access any digital music library and also two terabyte hard drives which can store up to 6,000 CDs or 20,000 hi-res 24-bit tracks. Music can easily be copied to the Olive 4HD via the built-in CD mechanism, or from a PC or Mac through its wireless or wired network connection.

The Olive 4HD Hi-Fi music server is now available from Olive for $1,999. It includes 12 of Chesky Records’ best HD tracks for free.

(Source) Press