Olevia 537H Television Review-Poor Quality Hurts

I knew, when I went over to Amazon to refresh my memory on the tech specs on this one, that I was in for a bit of trouble when I noted that their asking prices for the Olevia 537H had been cut from around twelve hundred bucks to…around half that.

And if I were willing to buy one used, they’d knock another three hundred bucks off the price.

Let this be a lesson, folks–sometimes the deepest discounts are on the stuff they want to get rid of the fasted.

The Olevia 537H is a thirty seven inch 720p LCD television with a VGA Input, two S-video inputs, a coaxial input, an optical input, one HDMI input, two composite inputs and three component inputs.

I had a horrible time with this model–the picture was washed out like a bad laundry service and the audio was merely fair.  The controls, however, were plenty easy to handle.  I don’t know if I got a bad model or what, but this was just sad, really.  It was like watching a television in the last few minutes before it announces it has colon cancer and dies.

I really can’t recommend this, no matter how little they charge.